About Us

At 6 Degrees Speaker Management, we are committed to providing our speakers with the highest level of partnership. And we believe in and care about who we represent.

What makes us different? It's what we call the "6 Degrees of Speaker Management":


Our focus is on building individual connections. Whether that be within the bureaus, production companies, meeting professionals or corporations we work with. Engaging with the person, and not just the industry, is how we garner thriving professional and personal relationships.


"Every idea is worth a conversation," that's our mantra. A client has an odd request, let's talk about it. Dealing with a small budget but big dreams? Let's chat. We stand firm in the belief that "working together equals success" and that's how we roll. It's in our DNA.


With the continual advancements in the world of tech, we strive to utilize the most beneficial tools for database management, CRM set-up and integration, calendar organization and specialized marketing.


In today's competitive market, your relevance as a speaker depends on your being heard and seen. That translates to the need to be blogging, posting on social media, being interviewed on podcasts and in print. You need to be contributing! We will guide you and encourage you with this aspect of the biz.


Our passion is to assist you with your evolution as a speaker. To not only grow your number of bookings, but to show you how to demonstrate your value and your ability to share an impactful message.


We pride ourselves in being available to our speakers. Being there to help educate and provide knowledge. We become your right hand, your cheerleader, your superfan. And we handle the every day, the details, and the sales, allowing our speakers to be where they want to be...on the stage.

At 6 Degrees Speaker Management we believe in the "6 Degrees of Connection". We are connected to our speakers and we are connected to our clients. We treat speaking like the business it is: a collaboration with amazing speakers and clients. We create experiences, not transactions.

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